@EmpathyAAccuracyBPromptness Walk-in clinic for Physical and Psychiatric Symptoms/ Please present an ID card at the reception on the 1st floor and proceed to the 25th floor. In psychiatry, appointment for first visit is required.

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2024-04-15 Immunizations Required for Adults
Live vaccines (measles, chickenpox, rubella, and mumps) received in childhood are less effective in adulthood. The first two are particularly severe in adults. If you wish, you can make an appointment by phone. |Price list 

2023-04-01 Annual Physical (periodical health examination
13,200 yen (Tax is included.)

2006-10-02 To those who wish to hava a psychiatric consultation
Please make an appointment. 03-3580-5001

2006-10-02 Medical Quetinonnaire for first visit
Please fill out the Quetinonnaire in advance. |  medical questionnaire form


The medical corporation Shohaku-kai (松伯会) operates Fujita Hospital, psychiatric hospital in Sosa City, Chiba prefacure. It has focused on diagnosing the illness from both mental and physical symptoms. Our missions are 1)General Medical Care 2)Early detection and Prevention of Depression  3)Occupational Health Activities. Sannno Clinic is the only clinic in Sanno Park Tower. It opened its doors in October 2006.

There are many people who are unsure as to which department to go to when they do not feel well or are sick. Sanno Clinic has a philosophy of diagnosing the illness by physical and mental symptoms.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any health problems.

Shohaku-kai Chairperson : Motoki WATANABE, M.D.


Internal Medicine
| Headache  | Persistent Cough |  Diarrhea |  Allergeis :runny nose, stuffy nose |  Sore Throat | Pain during Urination | Abnormal findings during Anual Physicals : High Blood Sugar, Lipid Abnormality, High Uric Acid, Liver Dysfunction, Anemia | Dissiness, Vertigo| Ear Pain or Obstruction | Fatigue | Weight Control | Snore, Sleep Apnea | Constipation | Diarrhea
| High Blood Pressure | Chest Pain- |  Palpitation | Arrhythmia |  Swelling of legs  |  Shortness of Breath | Felling Faint
| Depressive Mood  | Hypersensitivity  | Sleeping Difficulty | Loss of Motivation | Panic Attacks | Pain and Irritability of Unknown Origin (PIUO)
Dermatology (medical treatment only, no surgery is available)
| Athlete's Foot | Eczema | Hives | Oral Herpes | Herpes Zoster | Acne | Burn | Warts | Insect Bites
Self-Pay Care
| Androgenic Alopetia(male baldness) | Oral Contraception  | Erectile Dysfunction | Medication to quite smoking |  
Physical Exams
12,000 yen (Tax is not included.)
Medical Note for companies, schools, etc.
Measles | Rubella | Varicella Zoster (Shingles) | Mumps | Hepatitis B | Hepatitis A | Tetanus | Rabies | Meningococal, | Japanese Encephalitis
Travel Meicine
Prevention of Altitude Sickness and Malaria

In addition, we deal with initial symptoms such as trauma and burns.

CLINIC HOURS (No appointment is required except for psychiatry.)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
A.M. (10:00-13:00) Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki Closed
P.M. (15:00-18:00) Suzuki Suzuki Suzuki Closed Suzuki Closed

Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Annual Pysical, Vaccinations
We take Japanese Health Insureace and most Commercial Insurance.

Summer Holiday Aug.11th〜16th)  New Year Holiday Dec.29th 〜 Jan. 3ed
Credit cards (Visa, JCB, Amex) and Suica are accepted.
If you don't have an insurance card, you will have to pay the full fee in cash.

※If you do not have the admission card for this building, you can get QR code ticket at the 1st floor reception desk after presenting your ID card and registration.

Underground parkig is availavble (300 yen per 30 min.)

Medical Questionnaire (pdf)  Please fill out the Quetinonnaire in advance.


@ Scincerity A Accuracy B Promptness
The concept of our clinic is "Primary care". Please feel free to come in to our clinic for your medical needs.


Digital X-ray, ECG, Ultrasound Echo, Holter ECG、 Defibrillator、Spirometer (respiratory function)


Director Tsutomu SUZUKI, M.D., Ph.D. 
Graduate from Niigata Univ.
Fellow of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine (FJSIM)
Japanese Faculty of Cardiology
Japanese Faculty of Psychiatry
Designated doctor of Psychiatry
Certified Occupational Physician


connected to Tameike-Sanno St. Gate No 7(Tokyo METROGINZA lineNANNBOKU line
Natinal Diet Build. St.(CHIYODA line)5 min.
Akasaka St.(CHIYODA line)3 min.
Akasaka-mitsuke St.(MARUNOUCHI line)7mon.

1006125, 2-11-1-2513 Ngatasho Chiyoda Tokyo JAPAN Sanno Park Tower 25th floor
  Shohaku-kai Sanno Medical Clinic
03-3580-5001 No medical appointment is necessary.
Clinic Hours 10:00〜13:00 15:00〜18:00
Closed on Sat, Sun and National Holiday

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Sanno Medical Clinic / 2-11-1-2513 Nagatacho Chiyoda TOKYO / +81-3-3580-5001      TOP